Rapid Fire with Francesca Emanuele

This week we were able to get some insight into Francesca Emanuele's world. She's a three-time Regional competitor, coach at Brick New York, and dog mom to an adorable puggle named Leo! Check her out on Instagram @francesca__e.

Wags: How did you get started with fitness? Tell us about your athletic background
Francesca: I grew up in competing in gymnastics for 13 years, and played soccer for a few years as a child. That about sums up my athletic career as a kid, I've just always loved being a part of the fitness community.
Wags: How/when did you find CrossFit? Why did you decide to compete?
Francesca: I found CrossFit justttt about 5 years now. It was introduced to me by someone who was opening up a box in Long Island while I was working as a manager in retail. I started CrossFit just before the 2013 Open and was thrown along side of a CrossFit Dynamix regionals team. I placed 150th after 3 months and was so intrigued after witnessing the team placing 1st and making it to the CrossFit Games for their first time. That pretty much fired me up big time!
Wags: What's the most rewarding part of being a coach?
Francesca: Simple! Changing peoples lives & being a part of their journey. Breaking a person out of their shell is one of the most satisfying gifts ever! CrossFit has the ability to give a person a WHOLE other side of confidence and self acceptance that they never existed!
Wags: What are your future goals in the sport/CrossFit space?
Francesca: Stay healthy and continue to progress in all areas. I would LOVE to go to put together a team for Brick and go to the CrossFit Games.
Wags: Tell us a little bit about your pup. What do you enjoy doing together?
Francesca: Leo and I are twins. Our personalities are identical, and day by day we tend to look more and more alike too, it's weird. Hehe. Leo loves a good ol' pup play date and a long walk around our neighborhood but we also love our quality snuggle time. Since I have such a crazy schedule with my work hours, there is literally nothing that can make me happier than being big spoon/little spoon, or him melting in my chest!
Wags: Why do you think dogs & fitness fit so well together?
Francesca: The 2 essentials to life! Puppies and Fitness = Unconditional love and Health!!!
Wags: Favorite cheat meal?
Francesca: My favorite cheat meal? That is SO hard, I LOVE ALL FOOD! Chicken rolls, tacos, pizza, mac & cheese, ICE CREAM loaded with every single candy and cake topping. I can not just pick one item!
Wags: If you could have a never ending supply of ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Francesca:  Can I choose breakfast? Sunny side up eggs, sweet potato hash, bacon, and coffee. Can I choose that whole "one meal"? Over and over again? 

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