about wags & weights


we are fitness enthusiasts and dog lovers.  we understand the deep unconditional love that us humans have for dogs and that dogs have for us.  that's why we want to provide items that allow the fitness dog enthusiasts to celebrate themselves and their dogs.  whether you rescued, adopted, bought, found or bartered for your pup, we are all a part of a community. 

we are excited and humbled to continue this journey with you all and want to make an impact while we do it.  that's why a portion of all our sales will go to benefit local animal shelters in your cities. in order to be sure we reach your city, we need to know where our fans live!  if you would, please take the time to send us an email and tell us a little bit about your pup, their story, your favorite type of fitness and the city you reside.  we want to help others find their furry companion just like you, but need your input!  email us at info@wagsandweights.com!