Rapid Fire with Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault

Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault is a four-time CrossFit Games individual competitor. The Canadian has solidified herself as a serious contender within the worldwide competitive CrossFit community. On top of those accolades, she is also a dedicated dog mom and all-around awesome person! We caught up with Carol to learn a bit more about her and her journey:

Wags: How did you get started with fitness? Tell us about your athletic background..

Carol-Ann: I started by playing hockey at the age of 5 and i played for a long time. I wasn’t the best but i loved it so much. I also played soccer for 14 years. In high school i played basketball. As long as i remember i always loved to play any sports. After high school i started boxing competition and this is the sport i did before I started Crossfit in summer 2012.


Wags: Why did you decide to compete?

Carol-Ann: I always loved competing in any sports. I started Crossfit with my sister in 2012 and i loved pushing myself everyday and the feeling of accomplishment i had when i left the gym everyday. Then, i heard some people talking about the Open in 2013 and i asked my coach if i could do it too (i didn’t exactly know what it was). Then, i made the regionals that year and i always wanted more and more. I love the way Crossfit helps with pushing my limits inside and outside the gym.


Wags: How do you feel going into the 2019 CrossFit season? Any expectations/goals?

Carol-Ann: I won't lie, this year, the Open are the most stressful I ever did. The season changes and my season is determined by those 5 weeks. I want to make it back to the Crossfit Games.



Wags: Tell us a little bit about your pup...

Carol-Ann: Her name is Angel, she is 9 years old. I adopted her when she was 2 months old and we are inseparable since them. I’m lucky to spend most of my day with her at the Gym. She is an easy dog as long as I can play with her A LOT :). Two years ago she started to loose her vision and it makes me really sad. Her favorite activity was playing with a ball and she wasn’t able to do it anymore but surgery was so expensive. Then, in last year’s Open, i won the workout 4 and with that money we went to surgery. She’s now able to play like she did before and I will never regret that decision.




Wags: Why do you think dogs & fitness fit so well together?

Carol-Ann: Being able to do fitness inside or outside the gym with our dog is a privilege. To see them happy while they are walking or playing is amazing. I think for a lot of people, going dor a walk/run with theirs dogs is their motivation to stay healthy. There’s nothing like spending time together.



Wags: Favorite cheat meal?

Carol-Ann: Nutella and ice cream!



Wags: One piece of advice for any aspiring competitors out there..

Carol-Ann: Do not put too much pressure on yourself remember to enjoy your journey and focus only on the things you have complete control over. Find a good coach and trust him/her and surround yourself with a great team(Training partner, friends, coach, nutrition coach, etc).

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