The Weekly Wag

As a avid dog lover and devoted dog mom, I find that in most circumstances in my life I put my pup first. As I'm sure this is true with most of you who follow Wags and Weights, I wanted to find another avenue to connect like-minded people who are most passionate about both dogs and fitness. The mission with this blog is to share knowledge within both the fitness and dog communities, and give you guys some exciting things to read and hear later on down the road! We are thrilled to team up with awesome individuals across the nation and ultimately create a forum and podcast to connect and promote love.



Week 1:  Barbells For Bullies Sit Down

Week 2: The Open is Coming! 

Week 3: What Happens When It's Over?

Week 4: Be Better Than Yesterday 

Week 5: Rapid Fire with Dani Resha

Week 6: How to Make the most of your CrossFit Open

Week 7: Rapid Fire with Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias

Week 8: Does your dog have achy joints too?

Week 9: Inside Edition: Regionals Prep

Week 10: 5 Reasons Why Gym Dogs Are The Best

Week 11: Road to Regionals: The Mental Game

Week 12: Finding Positives Amidst Failure

Week 13: Set & Crush Goals

Week 14: CBD Oil + Your Dog

Week 15: Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

Week 16:  Showing Pride

Week 17: Get Out There & Compete

Week 18: Rapid Fire with Paige Semenza

Week 19: Rapid Fire with Tim Paulson

Week 20: Eight Instagram Dogs to Follow

Week 21: Rapid Fire with Jeff Morgan

Week 22: Rapid Fire with Francesca E

Week 23: The Importance of Preparation

Week 24: Showing Gratitude for Your Fitness

Week 25: Building Self-Discipline

Week 26: Rest Days

Week 27: Stop Chasing PRs

Week 28: Build Your Core

Week 29: Defining Success

Week 30: Managing Muscle Soreness

Week 31: Improve Your Pulling Strength

Week 32: Sleep Hygiene