Trust the Process

Every one of us have different goals and that’s one of the things that make our fitness community so beautiful. Some people just want to become the most healthy version of themselves, some of us want to participate in local competitions, and some of us want to learn how to do muscle ups and high level gymnastics. Everyone is different with unique paths and our own individual goals. But how do we execute, especially when the road seems long and the goal seems out of sight? Well, it often comes down to focusing on the process and not the outcome. Here are some ways to trust the process and enjoy the journey:

^^ Hint: be more like Bey! Always happy & ready to go!

  1. Set a daily goal. Go into each day with a specific goal. It can be something simple like “no negative self-talk” or completing each 400m run without walking. These goals will keep you focused on a daily basis rather than getting frustrated thinking about a long-term goal that seems so far away!
  2. Learn to love your weaknesses. If you want to achieve big things in the future, it often comes down to working on the little things that you’re not so good at. It means putting in hours of training to improve technical skills, strength imbalances, or incorrect motor patterns. 
  3. Accept failure. You’re going to trip up. You’re going to fall short of your expectations. You’re going to lose sometimes. Accept and embrace these failures as they are just as important as the successes along the way. They will make the good days feel even better!
  4. Be consistent. While everyone has different goals, we all need to take the same steps to achieve them. Training consistently, prioritizing the things that will make you better, and staying the course despite obstacles are the only ways to get there. If you put in hard work on a regular basis, the progress will come. Do the work and don’t forget to have fun while doing it!
  5. Take your time. We are all on a different fitness journey. The last thing you want to do is compare yourself to others…it’s pointless. Focus on taking the steps to achieve your own personal goals. At the end of the day, you’re not doing this for anyone else, but you’re doing it for yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments and take your time to enjoy the ride!

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