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Do you train by yourself or do you prefer to train around others? We all know our favorite training partners have four legs and are usually furry, but there is something very special about training with other humans! For many, the four walls where they sweat, push limits, and achieve the unachievable become their sanctuary and safe haven. This is the place that you turn to when everything else seems to be going wrong. Training with people who push you provides an added sense of energy, camaraderie, and unity when things get tough and motivation is decreasing. Here are just some ways training partners can help improve your workouts:


Help Keep You Safe. A good training partner can help keep you accountable for quality movement mechanics. Sometimes your coach can't always have his or her eyes on you, training with someone you trust allows you to have a second set of eyes when you're picking up a heavy bar or going for a new 1RM back squat.

Provide Feedback. Similarly, training partners can provide simple observations like, “it looked like your back leg was straight on that split jerk,” or “your first two reps were great but on that third you didn't utilize your kip swing.” As a training partner, you’re not required to coach and teach your partner how to go about fixing the issue, but you can help create awareness that might not have been there before.

Help You Stay Focused. When you’re exerting yourself, the last thing you want to do is count. Partners can help count your reps as you stay focused on your mechanics or the workout plan.

Support and Motivate. Good training partners are next to you, watching your set and supporting your effort. We all know how much easier it is to push for an extra rep when you have a friend encouraging you, so utilize your training partners to get more out of your training session.


Human interaction, support, encouragement and friendship can be incredibly helpful as you progress in your fitness journey. Don’t miss an opportunity to workout with someone new next time you’re at the gym. We can all help each other move toward our shared goals of improved health and fitness!

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