The Controllables

In both sport and life, there are certain things that can be controlled and those that cannot be. All too often, we lose focus of the "controllables" and instead direct our time and energy towards the "uncontrollables." When we put too much of our focus on these ungovernable factors, we diminish our abilities to take full advantage of the impact we can have through those that can be controlled. Throughout our lives, we are going to have things happen to us that we have absolutely no power over. If we can find ways to decipher between the controllables and the uncontrollables, we will be better suited to handle what ever challenges or setbacks we face.


Wasting time by focusing on things you can’t do anything about not only empties your energy tank, but also leads to frustration and decreased performance. We have no power over others, their actions, traffic, the weather, and spontaneous life situations. We need not let these factors become the focus of our time and energy, but instead learn to concentrate on the things which wedohave power over - the controllables.


The Controllables:

Focus- What do you prioritize in the forefront of your mind throughout the day? In sport, the most focused athletes focus on the main, present task at hand. Ultimately, the same holds true for our daily lives; the most focused people are absolutely present in each and every task of their day.

Effort- How much of yourself do you give to your craft? Are you willing to put in the time to achieve long-term success through consistently high levels of effort? Often times you'll feel more accomplished from something you put the most effort towards, regardless of the outcome!

Attitude- How do you carry yourself in both defeat and success? How does your mind speak both to and about yourself day in and day out? Your attitude is a significant depiction of your character. If you get your attitude right, all else will fall into place.

Response- How do you respond when you face adversity or come across a challenging situation? Whether your adversity is the last set of thrusters in a workout or a flat tire on your way to work, you are in full control of how you respond to that situation. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you respond to it.

^^ (just live your best life, like this pup)

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