Showing Pride

The fitness community has become one of the most accepting and supporting spheres in today’s society. CrossFit, in specific, preaches a culture of inclusivity where everyone can partake in the same training scheme because of its scalability. Not only does CrossFit welcome LGBT-focused work-out groups like OUTWOD, the company recently cut ties with a gym that refused to host a Pride event. On top of that, the fired their Chief Knowledge Officer for publically supporting the homophobic move.


CrossFit’s founder Greg Glassman stated, “I don’t have anything but love in my heart for anyone who wants to find health and fitness—we were friendlier than other fitness communities in that regard. I built the gym and the concept that I would participate in. There’s no place for anything but hard work and love. Nothing else really matters.”


In a world where people are constantly being analyzed and criticized, I have found the fitness sphere as a place where I can openly show pride for who I am. Rather than being judged for who I love, people can make their assertions about me based on how I compete, how well I move, and how I handle myself inside the gym and on the competition floor. CrossFit has provided a space for me to openly share who I am while also living out my passion competing and helping others to better themselves. I, personally, am so grateful to be surrounded by the supportive and uplifting people of the CrossFit community. Whoever you are, be true and proud of it!


Happy Pride!


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