Rapid Fire with Dani Resha

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Danielle Resha is a CrossFit Games competitor, a dog mom, and an NFL super fan! She played women's football while in college and was introduced to CrossFit while looking for a place to train. She answers some quick questions about her pup, Brady Omelett, her obsession with the Patriots, and owning an affiliate. We hope you enjoy getting to know this awesome athlete, coach, and Dog Mom!

Meg: Tell me a little on your back story, how you got into CrossFit, and when you realized you could compete and own your own gym?

Dani: I played women’s football while I was in college and was looking for a gym to train at, that’s how I found CrossFit. I was ALWAYS a CrossFit hater and used to make fun of my Aunt who did it out in Hawaii cause she would wear those Vibrams toe shoes… and now CrossFit is all that I do! When I was 21, I ended up dropping out of college to open up my gym, CrossFit 128.

Meg: When did Brady Omelett come into the picture? How did you get her, and why did you name her this? Does she go everywhere with you? What is your favorite thing to do with her?

Dani:  I got my pup, Brady Omelett, in June of 2014, just two months before my gym opened. I always knew that I wanted a ‘gym dog’ and she is perfect! Whenever I travel with her, everyone at the gym misses her wayyyy more than they miss me haha. So, everyone wants to know where the name Brady Omelett came from... I am *semi* obsessed with Tom Brady, so I knew my first dog had to be named after the GOAT. Omelett is part of her name because my very first family dog was named Scarlett and our next one is named Jett, so, I had to continue the tradition of dog names ending in “ETT”. Plus, I just think Brady Omelett is a funny name. Brady Omelett goes absolutely everywhere with me… you can ask her about the time she met Tom Brady or about her first Patriots game. My favorite thing to do with her is just to be in the gym with her. She loves being in the gym and laying on your face after a workout. 

Meg: Why are fitness and dogs such a big part of your life? Do you think everyone should give CrossFit a try?

Dani: My whole life I have played sports or worked out and have always had a dog growing up. I love doing CrossFit to stay healthy and stay competitive now that I don’t play any team sports anymore. Getting my pup was one of the best days of my life, I have so much fun with her everyday. I absolutely think everyone should try CrossFit. From owning a gym the last 4 years, I have seen so many different types of people come into the gym and improve their lives from it. It is really amazing to see.

Meg: What’s one thing people don’t know about you that you think they should?

Dani: I have both “Brady Omelett” and Tom Brady’s signature tattooed on my arm. I got Brady Omelett first cause I love her more.


We hope you enjoyed this Rapid Fire with Dani, stay tuned for our next special guest!


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