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We’ve all gone through times where it seems as if everything is working against us and our time at the gym. If you’re traveling, busy taking care of the kids, or stuck at work, there are plenty of exercises you can do without making it to the gym. These movements don’t require any equipment or a lot of space. By taking a few minutes to do some reps, you are taking some small steps towards building your fitness. Here are 10 simple movements you can perform anywhere at anytime:

  1. Air squats. 
  2. Burpees.
  3. Push-ups.
  4. Sit-ups.
  5. Lunges.
  6. Planks.
  7. Handstands.
  8. Mountain Climbers.
  9. Bear crawls.
  10. Running.


^^ can you handstand like this adorable pup?!

These movements can be used to get a good workout in on the road, at work, at home, or outside! Regardless of where you are, any combination of these movements will be effective if you put some intensity into your workout. Vary the time domain, the rep schemes, and the combinations to keep it fresh. If you struggle with any of these movements, it may be helpful to spend a little extra time outside the gym getting comfortable with them and trying to build them into a strength. Learn to love burpees by doing more of them and embracing the pain. Increase your push-up stamina by incorporating sets into your morning and nighttime routine. Develop your handstand by practicing holds and different progressions at home. Simple things like this will help you reach what ever goals you set on your fitness journey!

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