Get to Know Kelsey Kiel

Kelsey Kiel is a two-time CrossFit Games team athlete, full-time nutrition coach, coach at Invictus Boston, and dog mom to an insanely handsome French Bulldog, Oliver AKA "Squish." Learn more about her journey, goals, and experiences here:


Wags: How did you get started with fitness? Tell us about your athletic background

Kelsey: I was always very active and loved playing sports. Growing up, I swam, while also playing basketball, softball, and soccer. By my junior year of high school, I had shifted my focus primarily to soccer. I ended up playing soccer in college for four years. The only real form of strength training we did in college was the squat and deadlift. We actually did "Insanity" for conditioning LOL.

After college, I was coaching soccer and I continued to play in adult leagues. I ended up breaking my ankle in an indoor league and was looking for a way to stay fit while not playing. My sister then took me to my first CrossFit class and that was it!


Wags: Why did you decide to compete?

Kelsey: I honestly never considered competing. I was basically doing CrossFit to justify what ever eating and drinking I wanted to do. In the 2015 Open, I got 2nd in the region on the one rep clean and jerk. That made me kind of wonder what would happen if I dedicated myself to actually improving at the sport. I began to take it more seriously and I switched gyms to be around better athletes. When I switched gyms I was introduced to my friend, Rachel Goldenberg. She had a crazy idea of putting a team together so we decided to go after it. We ended up taking 2nd in the at the 2016 East Regional and went on to compete at the CrossFit Games!


Wags: What are your goals for this CrossFit season?

Kelsey: We (Team Invictus Boston) intend to both qualify for & podium at the 2019 CrossFit Games!


Wags: Tell us a little bit about your pup. What do you enjoy doing together?
Kelsey: Oliver Squishface is my pup. He is my whole world! I adopted him this past September. We enjoy snuggling, short walks in the park (he gets tired), playing with lacrosse balls, and eating (we are both quite food-motivated).  


Wags: Why do you think dogs & fitness fit so well together?

Kelsey:  They just do! Oliver, for example, is a little meat-nugget and he's my gym buddy. He keeps me company when I have long-training days (so much time to nap!). He also enjoys all the love he gets from all the members at my gym!


Wags: Favorite cheat meal?

Kelsey: Chocolate-chip pancakes, YUM.


Wags: If you could have a never ending supply of ONE thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kelsey:  Bobby-pins or chapstick!


Wags: One piece of advice for any aspiring competitors out there..

Kelsey: Take everything in stride. Every day is not going to be a good day. Just keep picking yourself up and moving forward.

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