Get Out There & Compete

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Have you been debating signing up for your local competition, weightlifting meet, or in-house throwdown? If so, go for it! If not, you should absolutely consider it. Too many people let insecurities, doubts, nervousness, and fear steer them away from competition, but they are ultimately missing out on a huge opportunity. There are so many benefits that come about from participating in a competition. Here are a few reasons to consider competing in some fashion:


Test Yourself. You don’t know where you stack up if you don’t get out there and test yourself against others. You don’t know just how hard you can push until there’s 30 seconds left in a 7-minute AMRAP and everyone you know is screaming so you don’t drop the bar. Competition brings out the best in people and allows you to put your hard work on display!


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Its totally normal to be scared or experience nerves when competing. Nerves mean you care about what you are setting out to do and can be the precursor to extreme success! Maybe, you never did competitive sports or you just aren’t a “competitive” person. If that’s the case, this is the best situation for you to break the mold and get out of your comfort zone. Find a partner competition and ask one of you friends from the box to sign up!


Have Fun with Peers. Many competitions are team or partner style. This often brings out another level of camaraderie as you scream for each other, provide quick bits of encouragement or strategy, and celebrate each other’s success. Doing a competition with a workout buddy or some friends from the box can take your fitness friendship to another level!


So get out there and compete. Find your own reason to compete and go for it. Regardless of the outcome, you will surely be glad you did!


Come meet us out in Belmar, NJ at the Belmar Beatdown this Saturday, July 14th. Bring your pups!!



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