Eight Dogs You Should Be Following on Instagram

I think we can all agree..there's nothing better than pictures and videos of cute pups on the internet. We love to highlight adorable dogs and their fitness-loving humans on our page! Here are eight dogs really fit dog accounts you should be following on Instagram:

1. Maggie, The Chocolate Lab @ChocolateChunkMaggie


2. Penny, The French Bulldog @PennyPantsTheFrenchie


3. Winston, The Corgi @RealWinstonTheCorgi


4. Rampage, The Italian Mastiff @RampageTheMastiff


5. Maximus, The Golden Retriever @MaximusOhlsen


6. Bey, The Pitbull @BeyThePitbull


7. Autzen, The Jack Russel @AGileauzen007


8. Roxi, The Bernese Mountain Dog @Roxi_The_Berner

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  • Erika

    Love this!

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