Fitness Outside the Gym

Squatting, deadlifting, pushing, and pulling day in and day out not only gets you stronger, healthier, and fitter, but it also provides you with the luxury of being more functional outside the gym. When was the last time you took your fitness outdoors and tried something new? Here are some ideas for an “active rest day” or just a fun day outside of the gym!


Go For a Hike. There’s nothing like some fresh air and rough terrain to clear your mind and test your body’s ability to endure and adapt.


Try a New Sport. Whether you grew up as an athlete or not, your body is most likely now capable of new things due to your increased fitness. Try a new sport and test your agility, balance, coordination, and stamina. Trying something new can challenge your body in ways we can’t always emulate inside the gym.


Get in the Water. Swim, surf, paddleboard, kayak. When the weather allows, bring your fitness to the water, work on your tan, and have some fun. If the water intimidates you, swimming is a great option for getting out of your comfort zone and testing yourself. If you’re already comfortable in the water, push yourself to experiment with different objects and learn something new!


Train Outside. Keep it simple. Do push ups, air squats, sit-ups, and makeshift box jumps. Run, bike, climb, swim. Do burpees, lunge, carry heavy objects. Just try to get that heart rate up, keep moving, and sweat a little bit!


You may surprise yourself by getting out of the gym, trying something new, and having fun with your fitness. Grab a friend and get out there!


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