Fitness as You Age

The phrase “I’m too old to workout” is absurd because age is merely a number in the world of fitness. There are plenty of examples of Masters athletes that can out perform many of their younger peers on any given day. CrossFit’s inherent training protocol can be adapted or modified to meet anyone of any age at their own level to provide them with the tools to reach the desired stimulus of the day. While it may take older athletes longer to improve or recover, it doesn’t keep them from defying the odds every single day. The CrossFit Games features 40+ year olds doing things most 20 year olds couldn’t ever imagine doing! CrossFit isn’t just trying to extend life expectancy. It’s also trying to extend the number of functionally independent, enjoyable years. A grandma who can deadlift 150 pounds is typically not going to have issues getting out of bed, getting dressed, or picking up grandkids! Here are some tips to progressing in the box as you age:


  1. Intensity over volume. While you may want to improve quicker and reach certain goals, more training is not always the answer. Rather, focus on training smarter and harder rather than more often. As you age, your body needs more time to recover to avoid injuries and/or burnout! 
  2. Listen to your body. Some days you’re just not going to feel like you can go at 100%. It’s okay to dial it back, focus on mobility or weakness work rather than tackling a MetCon at full force. Really tuning into your body will help you understand when to push and when to pull back.
  3. Don’t cherry pick.  A Cherry Picker is someone who picks out workouts that only have movements that they are good at or enjoy. We want to be ready for anything that life throws at us and this is why its important to embrace your weaknesses and things that scare you. Who knows, with a little practice you may discover that you are actually good at some of those movements you thought you hated.
  4. Celebrate small victories. Be sure to remember where you came from. Things like achieving your first pull-up, handstand, or overhead squat need to be celebrated. Enjoy the journey and allow yourself to take a step back sometimes to see your own progress!

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  • Michael Pietrzak

    Nice post. As a 43 year old, I appreciate it.

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