Facing Fears

Whether you are trying to lose some weight, make it to the CrossFit Games, or just become a more fit version of yourself, you need to approach everything from a mindset that there is no ultimate success or failure. Once our small-scale success and failures become defining moments, many of us begin manufacturing worry and fear over the results. Even if you’ve been in the fitness world for a long time, there’s always new barriers to be broken and challenges to overcome. Here are a few tips for managing and facing your fears:


  1. Listen to it. We want to meet our fears and face them head-on. When you listen to your fears, you can acknowledge them and then move through them. Our instincts send us signals for a variety of reasons. Don’t push them into the background of your mind, but instead seek to understand them and overcome them.
  2. Don’t let it build. Your reality is often defined by how you handle and manage a situation. Once you have acknowledged your fear, the next step is to stop it from building and taking over your being. Stop these emotions dead in their tracks by using positive self-talk, an affirmative mantra, or by talking it out with a coach or friend. 
  3. Question it. Ask yourself what is it that is making you so uncomfortable? Have you let yourself get out of shape and are afraid you’ll never get back? Do you have an injury that’s made you afraid of a certain movement? Are you scared to jump on that high box because of previous failures? If you can visualize your success with what ever you are facing, then you can put your fears in check. Visualize yourself as you’d like to face the challenge. 
  4. Prepare for it. If you know a particular situation tends to cause anxiety or fear, prepare for it before it happens. If you’re not comfortable being inverted and a workout has handstands, for example, prepare yourself before coming in. Expect the feelings of nerves and fear, and develop a plan for how you will deal with them when they come your way. Visualize a game plan for overcoming those feelings and doing something you haven’t done before. Maybe its simply kicking up to the wall and holding a handstand. Let your coach know that this is your goal for the day and they will be able to help you achieve it!

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