Defining Success

Success can be defined in an infinite amount of ways. Some people find success in money, fame, or fortune. Others define success as the act of “winning” whether that be a competition, through setting a record, or in a specific workout. Some athletes may determine their success by making it to the CrossFit Games, while others may dream of getting their first pull-up. No matter what the feat may be, succeeding in fitness doesn’t require a magic supplement or program. It comes down to the basics: setting realistic goals, working hard, and believing in yourself.

Success can be whatever you want it to be. It can be a data point in a particular health marker, like blood pressure, total cholesterol, or BMI. Success can be wrapped up in a competition, championship, award or public achievement. Success can be finally seeing that specific number on the scale. The truth is, success is entirely subjective. It is different for each individual.

Success is deeply personal and it cannot be measured based on someone else’s accomplishments or expectations. Here are a few different ways to look at and measure success:

1. Big picture things.  When you think about defining your personal success, take a moment to look at the bigger picture, your priorities, and your goals. In the long run, what are you going to remember and be proud of?

2. Feel-good moments.  The greatest aspect of training has nothing to do with six pack abs, muscle-ups, or PRs. The best moments are those where we feel true happiness and pride from a strong effort or real perseverance.

3. Impacting others. Do you deem it a successful day if you're able to help inspire or impact another person? We often don't even realize just how important our actions are in motivating and impacting those around us!

4. Setting and striving for goals.  By setting goals, consistently working hard and believing in yourself, you will define and achieve the real success you desire. There is nothing more rewarding than the journey of working towards something day in and day out!

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