Building Consistency

Consistency is possibly the most important part of any exercise program. Even if you are giving 100% effort when you work out at the gym, if you're only making it in once a week, you will probably see little to no progress in your fitness. First, its important to ensure that your mechanics are solid and will allow you to move well and avoid injury. After this, we can add in more repetitions and volume to the training to drive adaptation. Then and only then, we can push the intensity in our workouts which will ultimately provide the real results we all want to see! Here are a few ways to maximize your consistency to ensure intensity is meaningful:


  1. Build yourself up. For some, consistency may be getting in to the gym twice a week. Once you become consistent working out twice a week, add a third workout. Then work yourself up to a fourth and, then before you know it, you’ll be at five days a week. Everyone starts somewhere. Just don’t let the challenge stop you from starting!
  2. Make it a priority. Schedule in your workouts to your calendar. Make sure these are a priority and if something like a social event or temptation comes up, you already have it penciled in. This will make it harder to skip out on your time at the gym. By prioritizing your training, you are committing to being consistent ahead of time!
  3. Hone your skills. After it clicks, demonstrate some consistency with your skills. Do another great rep, then 10 great reps in a row, and then multiple great reps during workouts. We always want controlled, quality reps and almost never two bad ones in a row!
  4. Hit each area. Consistency doesn’t just apply to the amount of training you get in each week. Make sure to aim for consistency across all the areas that play a role in your health and fitness. Your nutrition, sleep, recovery routines are crucial to maximizing your time inside the gym. Tighten up your nutrition, get to bed a little bit earlier, and take the time to recover appropriately! 

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