Breaking through Plateaus

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Many of us initially found improvement and constant PRs when beginning our training journey. As time goes on, it’s very easy to see those achievements and PRs dwindle away. While this period of stagnation can be both frustrating and challenging, there are some simple keys to overcoming plateaus in your training.


Often, as athletes hit these plateaus they start to believe they need to implement more volume into their training. These individuals start taking on additional workouts, training sessions, and programming from all different sources. But for many of us, a directed focus towards intensity during our workouts would be much more effective. By increasing the amount of effort put in to your daily training, while also focusing on nutrition and recovery, you can quickly find these perceived plateaus shortening and becoming less prevalent.


While intensity is essential to progress in our sport, it is not always the easiest to implement. Intensity needs to be very intentional and concentrated. Intensity requires high levels of mental toughness and fortitude. Intensity demands that you push past your perceived limits, even when you find yourself in deep levels of pain and distress. Find ways to strengthen your mind. Bring intentional intensity to each individual training session. Crush plateaus and reach your goals!


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