Becoming More Mindful

Mindfulness is the art of being present in the moment. It is the practice of training your thoughts to not wander into past or future efforts. Mindfulness involves being present through every activity that you partake in. It is a mental evaluation that occurs during the activity where it comes into play through the choices we next make.

Through mindfulness, we become the driver of our mind and thoughts. It is a practice that teaches us to be intentionally grateful about all that we are able to do. Mindfulness also helps us realize that we have control over the decisions or choices that we make in our life.

This mental technique has been studied and confirmed as a contributing factor in overall sports performance. By owning your thoughts, you are able to become someone who will constantly show up at the box to be first. Rather than “winning the WOD,” mindful athletes are aware of their own journeys and individual successes. Mindful athletes focus on being better than a previous version of themselves. These athletes demand the impossible out of not only their efforts at the gym, but also in their outside lives.

Maybe you’ve been going through a hard time with your training at the gym. Mindfulness can be used to help get back on track and focused on the little things that make a difference. By visualizing the times where you had success, you are able to channel that energy and those feelings to help propel you forward in times of struggle. If you’ve been missing lifts, think about the last time you hit a big PR - how the bar felt coming off the ground, the things you were saying in your head, and the sense of accomplishment you felt afterwards.  Allow your mind to create a very vivid memory of all the positivity in that moment. When its time to get to work, make sure to channel the positive emotions from that past experience towards the present task at hand. By becoming mindful of our emotions, actions, and feelings, we take full control and ownership of our own minds, training, and lives!

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    So true! We’ve been doing a lot of mindfulness work with the kids at school too!

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