5 Reasons Why Gym Dogs Are The Best

Five Reasons Gym Dogs are the Best


Okay so, we’ve established that dogs and fitness just go together. Then it is a no brainer that having a dog in the gym is a good idea! Gym dogs enhance the atmosphere and help develop a culture and community. Who doesn’t love a wagging pup that is always around to keep you company, even while you’re working on your fitness trying to make some gains?! Here are five reasons why gym dogs are the best dogs:

1. They greet everyone that walks through the door. Rain or shine, good day or bad day, the gym dog always makes it a point to say hello to everyone who comes through the doors. They go out of their way to make sure you feel welcomed and safe in the space you hopefully call a second home.

2. They help clean up your sweat after a tough workout. Drenched after a tough WOD? Made a puddle under your bar? Don’t worry! The gym dog will be sure to lick it (or you) up to make sure there is no mess left behind!

3. They’ll keep your spirits high even though the hardest days. Still struggling with that muscle up you’ve been working on? Maybe you can’t hit even 70% of your snatch today? The gym dog is always there to snuggle up, give some kisses, and make your bad days better!

4. They become the mascot everyone loves to love. Many gyms often take on their dog as a makeshift mascot. The regulars notice when the mascot is missing and typically aren’t too happy about it!

5. They’re a good reminder to never skip rest day. While gym dogs recognize the importance of staying active, they definitely don’t slack on their rest. Take note of your gym dog’s recovery methods and be sure not to skip rest day!

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